Ownership Opportunities

Russ Lyon Sotheby's International
3 Bedroom, 3 Bath (1/7th Fraction/RPMP)  #33-2
Listing Agent: Bev Wasson
Phone: 480.636.0277
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Russ Lyon Sotheby's International  Realty
3 Bedroom, 3 Bath (1/7th Fraction/Sonoran) #36-4
Listing Agent: Bev Wasson
Phone:  480.636.0277
Email: bev.wasson
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Russ Lyon Sotheby's International Realty
3 Bedroom, 3 Bath (1/7th Fraction - RPMP) #38-5
Listing Agent:  Kathy Harris
Phone:  480.688.2052

Email:  kathy.harris@sothebysrealty.com
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Russ Lyon Sotheby's International Realty
3 Bedroom, 3 Bath (1/7th Fraction/RPMP) #38-4
Listing Agent: Steve Rosen
Phone:  303.731.9380
Email:  srosen@troon.com
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 Merritt Group - Keller Williams
 3 Bedroom, 3 bath (7/7th Whole Villa) -
 Listing Agent:  Renee Merritt
 Phone:  480.522.6135
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 Russ Lyon Sotheby's International Realty
 3 Bedroom, 3 Bath (7/7th Whole Villa) - #130
 Listing Agent:  Lisa Lucky/Steve Rosen
 Phone:  602.320.8415/303.731.9380
 Email:  srosen@troon.com
 Email:  Lucky@russlyon.com
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3 Bedroom, 3 bath (1/7th Fraction - RPMP) #33-1
Listing Agent:  Angela Covey
Phone:  602.677.9038
Email:  mailto:covey.iam@gmail.com
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How is ownership in The Rocks Club evidenced? 

Buying at The Rocks Club is like buying any other piece of real estate in the country. Owners receive a Special Warranty Deed that is recorded and then guaranteed by a Title Insurance Policy insured by Land Title Agency of Arizona. Ownership consists of an undivided 1/7th deeded interest to one of the club’s three- or four-bedroom villas. Members also have an undivided ownership interest in all villa furnishings, the member’s lodge and all common areas. 

Is the Rocks Club considered timeshare? 

No. Timesharing typically provides for a right of usage via a Lease that extends out 29 or 31 years and then reverts back to the Developer. Timeshare is characterized by owners leasing the right to use a specific unit for a specific week with zero flexibility unless the owner enters into a trade system. 

In contrast, The Rocks Club provides its owners with a real estate deed that is guaranteed by a Title Insurance Policy. The Deed you receive is the same as if you bought any other piece of property in the country and therefore affords you the ability to sell it when you want, how you want and/or pass it on to your children and future generations. Rocks Club owners may use any of the club’s beautifully furnished villas and they have the ability to visit when they want, as often as they want, each and every year based upon availability. The Rocks Club is essentially a private club for owners to use with their family and friends. It is similar to membership in a prestigious equity golf club. 

The Shared ownership concept 

Shared ownership was developed to provide homeowners with a high quality second home with luxury hotel type amenities and services at a cost that is more commensurate with the amount of time an owner uses their second home. The concept makes a lot of sense for a great many people because it provides all the benefits of second-home ownership in the beautiful North Scottsdale area with zero headaches. Actually, the typical headaches of second-home ownership are now replaced with five-star service and amenities. 

Are there Luxury Residence Clubs like this elsewhere? 

There are over 60 Private Residence Clubs located in areas throughout the United States. They are predominantly located in ski resort towns throughout the west where real estate prices have escalated beyond the point which people are willing to pay for a second home when they know they will only use it a few times each year. 

A willing pioneer of the Private Residence Club concept and the developer of The Rocks Club, Timbers Resorts has taken the concept of Private Residence Club ownership to a new level through its introduction of the Luxury Residence Club. Incorporating the finest real estate location(s) with the finest in craftsmanship, construction and unparalleled services, Timbers Resorts has taken vacation home ownership to a place you’ll want to be. Timbers Resorts has created several beautiful Luxury Residence Clubs which in addition to The Rocks Club includes the Timbers Club at Snowmass in Aspen/Snowmass, Colorado; Esperanza Resort in Los Cabos, Mexico; Castello di Casole in Tuscany, Italy and The Residences and Community of Mayacama in Sonoma, California to name a few. 

Do Owners/Members pay annual assessments? 

Yes, in keeping with The Rocks Club’s goal of providing ownership to hassle-free, maintenance free real estate, the club’s staff will handle all the details of maintaining the club and its villas. On behalf of the homeowner’s association, the club’s professional management team will collect annual dues from owners and then manage payment of all utilities, property taxes, insurance, staff salaries, supplies, materials, maintenance, trash removal and accounting fees. A portion of your annual dues also goes toward contributing to a capital reserve fund for future repair and replacement needs. 

What type of housekeeping services are provided at The Rocks? 

Housekeeping services include daily bed making, fresh towels and trash removal in addition to a complete Villa cleaning at the end of occupancy. As an added option, Members and guests may request mid-week sheet change and other cleaning services for an additional nominal fee. 

Can individuals, families and/or companies own at The Rocks? 

Yes, because ownership to The Rocks Club is evidenced by a real estate deed, ownership may be held by any natural person, trust, corporation or partnership that is recognized by the state of Arizona as being legally formed or able to hold title to real estate. 

Who controls the affairs of the club? 

Each owner of The Rocks Club is a member of the homeowner’s association and has a right to vote on matters affecting the club. The member-elected Board of Directors will oversee the day-to-day operation of the club with the club’s management company, Troon Golf®.

Can a Rocks Villa ownership be resold? 

Yes. Like any other form of real estate, the Member's fee simple undivided deeded interest can be sold or transferred by the Member, or sold by a licensed real estate agent through the Scottsdale Multiple Listing Service at any time.